OEM Processment

Since the Fuerda was founded in 2003, to R & D and production in accordance with international standards, has provided OEM OEM service for many famous international brands, products sold in Asia, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East more than 30 countries or regions. Fuerda closers has passed the European CE (EN1154, EN1634 fire test) certification, American ANSI Grade I product certification, American UL228 certification and UL10C certification and China CCCF fire.

Fuerda sincerely hope to carry out multi-faceted cooperation with you to contribute to your business flourish. If necessary, or any questions, please contact us:400-181-0008 E-mail:oem@cnfrd.cn E-mail: frd@cnfrd.cn.

Our advantage:

Excellent quality assurance
Cost control first

Strong research and development technology, with more than 30 experienced professional R & D personnel, can provide new product customization services, flexible choice of multiple modes.

Strong precision manufacturing capabilities

1. Independently improve the production chain, import production equipment, use large-scale robot automation, good quality and short delivery period.

2. The company has a complete ERP system, which can monitor the quality and quality management system with perfect production schedule at any time, and can monitor the production quality from time to time to ensure smooth shipment of products.

Product quality monitoring

1. Professional testing equipment, laboratory and testing center.

2. IPQC process control, control product quality throughout the process. The professional quality inspector's production process is tracked throughout the process, ensuring that every link is carried out according to standards and escorting each product.

Enterprise qualification

1. An earlier batch of domestically passed the authority certification, more than 100 core patents (UL, CE, ANSI, CCCF certification, etc. + patent certificate + utility model patent certificate, etc.).

The professional production of 2.40000 square workshops is 600 employees, with a monthly production capacity of one million sets.

Special person sincere service, timely response

More than 50 people, strong domestic and international sales team and huge after-sales service staff, no matter how long ago you buy, our service is everywhere.

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